The most memory is the hangzhou travel edition

Mentioned the G20, China entertainment technology network - 】 【 whether can let you recall the hangzhou is the most have the can refresh a large circle of friends musical concert, fusion features and elements of the west lake, hangzhou, jiangnan charm, Chinese style and cosmopolitanism, all sorts of elements in a body's performance, not only won the state leaders and guests at home and abroad and praise, but also all the flash blinded the eyes of the public at home and abroad, jing ah, praised ah wait for all sorts of words are not enough to express the public recognition of beauty in China, as a result, want to see subject-live performance calls for more and more, after the G20 summit, "hangzhou is the most yi" has undergone two months of public performance, attract a lot of audience with, but far cannot satisfy the urgent need of the public to see the performance. To this end, the G20 performance "the most memory is hangzhou" travel edition came out!

Travel edition: more entertaining and more interactive
Since May 1, 2017, as an updated version of the original image of the west lake, the travel edition of "the best memory is hangzhou" has shown the charm of hangzhou again.
Zhang said in an interview: "for no chance to have a crush on the original audience, wouldn't be disappointed, but amazing. Such as" swan lake "in hologram and live-action" nature and humanity ", dance swan lake on the west lake is very characteristic, we joked that perhaps this is the classic "swan lake" the stage for the first time to jump on the surface of the lake, and it is in the world cultural heritage sites. This is a 'systems' union, is also the combination of science and technology and style. Travel for the G20 summit version of the reduction degree of up to 80%, can be said to be the national first landing of large conference activities, and good program is no longer a flash in the pan, the high level program also into common people's life." Zhang yimou also praised the new book, "the best memory is hangzhou". "the words are good and the song is beautiful." The ability to keep this program in place gives more people a unique memory of hangzhou. ""

There was also the IDG capital global chairman xiong xiaobo, who appeared on the tour for the most memorable tour of hangzhou. Chief Hugo shong recall investment impression process: "in 2006, we has confirmed the investment is in my home in Los Angeles, and later, zhang yimou and introducing me to wang chao songs and FanYue two director, we decided to set out to do this together. View the impression created the subject-live performance in domestic this form, it is similar to Broadway musicals have similarities, in legends and stories as a source for artistic creation. In 2016, the main business of real estate openning shares of listed companies in 1.9 billion yuan purchase of view, the investment brought satisfactory to IDG capital return, develop very well."

The "hangzhou is the most yi" on the night of west lake tourism, maximum retained the original version of the G20 summit the performance, at the same time joined the visual effect is more abundant element and creativity, make travel sex is stronger, more interactive performance; Improvements and improvements have been made in costumes and props to ensure that performances can be performed normally in bad weather conditions.
The sound and lighting system used in the travel edition
"Hangzhou is the most yi" travel is still the team of zhang yimou, Jin Shaogang teacher continue as amplification system designers, the company in the successful completion of the hangzhou is the most have sound system and lighting control system, after again take tour edition of hangzhou is the most have the task of sound system and lighting control system.

The JBL VTX V20 line array speaker

SOUNDCRAFT Vi2000 digital tuner

Amplification of cabinets
"Hangzhou is the most yi" travel version adopts SOUNDCRAFT Vi for the sound mixer, JBL VTX V20 line array speaker series, JBL AE waterproof outdoor speakers, JBL EON series speakers, ENNE EUROPA speaker series, the CROWN IT - HD system amplifiers, ENNE ANYPOWER series amplifiers, SHURE UD series wireless microphone, BSS digital processor, TASCAM audio player, etc.

The big picture boat VIP viewing the loudspeaker

The little boat is a VIP viewing guest speaker
Travel edition of hangzhou is the most have the combination of the west lake on a cruise ship unique scenery, increase the original ship on both sides of the audience as a super VIP seats, original ship use JBL LSR series and JBL EON series speakers supplement the speaker.

The audience view

The audience for sound

The audience for sound

The audience seats up to more than 800 seats in the original 1200 seats, and more than 800 of them are more fragmented, making it difficult to set up speakers. In order to guarantee the uniform coverage of the sound field, the JBL series of flagship products is specially chosen. The JBL AE series speakers have a compact design that can be placed vertically or horizontally, with multiple join points, with maximum flexibility.

MA console

The video server

The most it is hangzhou travel version of the Lighting control system, still continue to use "hangzhou is the most have control system, Lighting control adopts four German MA Lighting MA2 console, including: 1 GrandMA2 Full Size, three GrandMA2 Light, video control using 14 Arkaos Stage Pro server, the biggest security and safeguard all Lighting and video system flexibility.
Travel edition: the latest programmes
After seeing the sound equipment and lighting equipment of the show, let's take a look at the list of the most concerned items.
This is still the work of zhang yimou's team. New programs, in addition to Debussy's song "moonlight" replaced by national orchestra "rosy clouds chasing the moon", the other shows programs are basically identical with the summit version, made an impression on the audience's giant fan "beautiful" and "swan lake" and other classic programs and contents are reserved, at the same time joined the visual effect is more abundant element and creativity, make the form of "travel" performance is stronger, more interactive.
Complete list of travel edition
The first song, "moonlight on spring river"
The second song, "tea dance"
The third song, "liang zhu"
The fourth song, "flowing water"
Swan lake
The sixth, "me and my country"
The seventh song "chasing the moon"
The eighth song "unforgettable jasmine"
The ninth song, "ode to joy"
The end of the book is hangzhou.
(the program will be fine-tuned to the day, based on the weather conditions.)
The length of the show starts from May 1, 2 times a day, at 7:45 and 9:15, and lasts for 50 minutes each. The performance will last until the end of December, as usual.
Seeing here, we can expect to see the tourist routes in hangzhou will be full and what are you waiting for? Plan your trip!
Another wave of "the most memory is hangzhou" tourist edition of the beautiful photos of the drunken dead body!

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