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Making Things Easy For Your Wahington D.C. Exterior Painter

September 21, 2011 at 9:36 pm | Category: Exterior Painting

Washington Exterior Painter

When having a Washington D.C. painting contractor take care of your exterior house painting, there are several things that a homeowner can do to make the experience a more pleasant one for the entire household and for the painting contractor. With just a little bit of planning, things will go smoothly and efficiently so that the job can be completed on time. Regardless of the duration of the painting process, homeowners should try to heed any requests of the painting contractors so that they will get the best results.


Take the time to set up an appointment with your Washington D.C. painting contractor. Know when the painters are coming and make advanced arrangements for the home’s exterior upkeep as necessary, either before or after the painting is complete. For example, do not have the lawn mowed when the painters are present or when they will be on the premises the following day. Small bits of grass can be blown into the wet paint, affecting the finish. Other possible conflicts with exterior house painting projects include roofers, chimney sweeps, tree work and utility work.


The homeowner should be comfortable with the scope of work proposed and agreed to before the project begins. If there are reservations, they should be resolved before any work is done. A written proposal and estimate should be presented to the homeowner. If it is incorrect or confusing, the homeowner should make any clarifications and ask for a signed copy of the new contract before any work begins.


While Washington D.C. homeowners may be interested in having a painting contractor perform work on the home’s exterior, pets may not be too happy with the idea. Cats and dogs, in particular, may not be fond of having guests outside the house on the property. Rather than stressing them out and causing unnecessary barking and meowing when visitors disrupt their daily routines, consider giving pets a vacation at a neighbor or local family member’s home, or perhaps at their favorite kennel. Another option is to set up a spa day for the animal to have a shampoo, haircut and their nails done at the local pet salon.


Kids are curious by their very nature. When painting contractors come to visit, children often like to watch the process. Some children also like to investigate paint cans, climb ladders, play with tarps and check freshly painted surfaces for wetness. It may be safer and easier for everyone if curious children are not home during the exterior painting process. Babies, toddlers and older children may not have a problem staying indoors while painters are outdoors working on your Washington D.C. home.


It is helpful when Washington D.C. homeowners let inquisitive neighbors know that someone will be working at the house that day in case there is any concern or confusion over visitors in the neighborhood. Sometimes a simple heads-up will prevent overly-attentive neighbors from interrupting contractors, calling the police or disrupting the homeowner’s routine while the home improvement project is under way.

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