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roof cleaning contractorHomeowners have many expenses during their lifetime, but few come close to the cost of replacing a roof. The facts are that your roof can be cleaned safely with lower pressure coupled with the right mild detergents. Too many times we have heard of homeowners spending their savings on replacing their roof upon the recommendation of a roofing contractor.

In many cases it is warranted, but why have it replaced if all is needed is for a trusted Virginia roof cleaning contractor to remove those stains left behind by algae, mold and pollutants? Allow our trained roof cleaning contractor to inspect your roof and give you an honest evaluation. We will never sell a roof cleaning when infact a roof needs to be replaced. If it is minor repairs to be made, we can still come in behind the repairs and still cost you a fraction of the cost of a re-roof or a new roof. When you allow South Riding Paint Company to clean your roof we will take extra care with your landscape as we only use friendly and mild detergents approved by roofing standards.


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