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University Park Home painting contracotrThe most difficult part in repainting a house is choosing the appropriate paint color scheme for its exterior as well as the interior. If you make a mistake in selecting the colors, then your house probably will appear to be featureless and dull. Colors play a very important role in making the house come alive. If the house is older and needs to be repainted, the first thing that should be done is to scrape off any paint that is starting to chip. This is done so that the new paint adheres properly to the structure. For this purpose various tools like scrapers, knives, sandpapers and hard brushes are used.

Basically there are two types of paints used in painting houses, one is the water based paint and the other is the solvent based paint. The solvent based paint may contain oil or alkyd. If it is oil based then usually the solvent used is mineral spirits. One drawback of oil based paint is that they take time in drying. The water based paints are preferred over the solvent based ones because they dry faster and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The paints generally consist of a dispersing medium, some additives, pigments and binders. These facts apply to interior and exterior paint.

Any exterior paint should be durable and long lasting. Interior paints can be of various types like satin paints, gloss paints, semi gloss paints and flat paints. The gloss paints have sheen and are very durable; semi gloss paints are less shiny but long lasting. The satin paints are moderately glossy and washable. The flat paints are used to hide the imperfections of walls and roofs.

Our professional staff has the knowledge and the skills need to ensure that your homes refinish project is completed quickly and professionally and that you home will look great for years to come. Additionally, you will find that a refinished home is far more valueable if you decide that it is time to consider selling your home.

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